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Dr. Robert Bates

Dr. Ravindra Joshi MD, FAAOS, FRCSC

Dr. Robert Bates was born and raised in Chicago. He spent much of his career practicing urological medicine in Michigan where he built a five-person urology practice and served as the Chief Medical Officer of a 220-bed hospital. Before choosing McKenzie Health Dr. Bates spent five years in Jamestown, ND establishing a urology practice for Jamestown Regional Medical Center. He has enjoyed helping rural facilities establish successful urology service lines, increasing access for many and reducing travel time to see specialists many hours away.

He specializes in kidney stones, bladder and kidney cancer, incontinence, prostate fusion therapy, hematuria, vasectomies, and other conditions. He has been actively practicing medicine since 1981 and is known for his exceptional communication skills with patients.
When not caring for patients, hiking, or hunting birds, Dr. Bates enjoys reading and traveling. He’s an avid upland bird hunter and proud Board Member of Audubon Dakota because he is passionate about prairie conservation and appreciative of the beauty North Dakota has to offer. A huge fan of baseball, he is the proud owner of a minor league team in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Having started working with McKenzie Health in November 2020, Dr. Bates has provided care for many patients.



"Dr. Ramage has been working side by side with all stakeholders of MCHS for many years. He has been committed to the healthcare system during his tenure. I am one of the many whose life was saved as a result of his exceptional ability to diagnose a life-threatening brain bleed. Our community is grateful for Dr. Ramage."

— Patsy Levang; Keene, ND

"I write this letter to the administration of Connie Wold Wellness Center. I was a client there getting rehabilitation for my Stroke and diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. I just want to express my sincere appreciation to the expert professional personnel there. I learned a lot from the Wellness Center while I was getting rehab sessions that will benefit me for the duration of my life. "

— Mr. Lone Fight III; ND

"I had surgery on a torn meniscus in Feb 2022 and the entire process was very pleasant and professional. My surgery was done by Dr. Joshi and the referral by Dr. Tomjack. I found both to be very professional. Following the surgery I was forwarded to the Connie Wold Fitness Center for physical therapy and the therapist there that I worked with were professional and knowledgeable. The entire experience was positive and I’m the most excited about the fact that all took place right in Watford City. No more traveling to Bismarck for medical appointments!"

— Marco Pelton; Watford City, ND

"I wanted to thank the hospital staff and doctors for the amazing care I received during my unexpected stay. Your professional care is beyond words. The nurses were very kind and helpful and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable, and my needs were met ...Again thank you from the bottom of my and my family’s heart. God bless each and every one of you!"

— Ernest Lambert; Belcourt, ND

"I had a very good experience with my knee surgery performed by Dr. Joshi. He is very friendly and made me feel very safe about the operation. Recovery was quicker than I anticipated. I highly recommend Dr. Joshi. 5 Stars"

— Kelly Peterson; Watford City, ND

"Dr. Ravindra Joshi performed a total hip replacement on me in September 2020. I never imagined what a total success it would be. I'm back walking, hiking, and enjoying life without pain. An added bonus to my surgery was the outstanding care I received in the hospital, at physical therapy, and the long term follow up by Dr. Joshi and his associates."

— Ron Anderson; Keene, ND

"It's never easy to see our parents and loved ones age out of staying in their own homes, but our experience with both my mother-in-law, Olga Anderson, and our aunt, Helen Muirhead, showed us this next stage of life can be filled with joy and contentment. BothOlga and Helen lived in the Horizon Assisted Living and later in the Good Shepherd Home. The Horizon facility is beautiful, and Helen was lucky to move into the newly constructed GSH. But the best part of their life in both places was the personal, wonderful loving care they received from the entire staff. The staff treated our loved ones with complete love; we could ask for nothing more."

— Myra Anderson; Keene, ND

"My mother received wonderful care at the Good Shepherd Home where she was surrounded by loving, caring professionals every day. Although I live in Alabama, moving her here was never a consideration. The quality of care provided at the Good Shepherd Home cannot be matched. My 103-year-old mother was tended for and loved like she was a family member."

— Evelyn Wilson; Huntsville, AL

Dr. Bates has Specialized Skills in:

  • Vasectomies
  • Kidney Stones
  • Hematuria/Blood in Urine
  • Incontinence
  • Bladder Infection
  • Benign Prostate Enlargement
  • Prostate Fusion Therapy
  • Kidney/Bladder Cancer

Awards & Accolades

  • Board member of Audubon Dakota and active in prairie conservation
  • Baseball fan and owner of a minor league team in Grand Rapids, MI

Education & Certifications

  • BA – Hope College BA
  • M.Phil – Yale University 
  • M.D. – University of Chicago 
  • General Surgery and Urology Residency – Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
  • Master of Medical Management – Carniege Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Diplomate of the American Urological Society
  • Board Certified – Urology; in practice since 1982
  • Formerly practiced in Michigan until 2015, then 5 years at Jamestown Regional Medical Center ND where I established a urology practice
  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery – UND
  • McKenzie Health; since fall of 2020

Dr. Bates' Favorite Things to do in McKenzie County:

  • Hiking in the TR National Park
  • Bird hunting in the Grasslands
  • Reading