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Direct Access Laboratory Testing (DALT) is part  of a wellness program offered by McKenzie Health providing the option to order selected lab tests on your own, from a limited DALT menu, without a physician’s order. 

McKenzie Health Lab
Available Tests

Lab Test



COMP 80053 $45.00
LIPID 80061 $40.00
CBC W/ AUTO DIFF 85025 $35.00
TSH 84443 $30.00
HGB A1C 83036 $35.00
VIT D 82306 $65.00
PSA 84154 $50.00


Your payment for DALT services is required up front, by cash, check or credit card, along with an address and phone number.

Direct Access Laboratory Testing will not be billed to your insurance, and is usually not reimbursable to you by your insurance.


Direct Access Laboratory Testing—an affordable way to monitor your health

No Referral Necessary

Call 701-444-8610
to book an appointment

Lab Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm


Will I need special preparations or instructions for any of the tests?

For most of the tests, you will not need special preparations. However for some tests, fasting is recommended. A 12-hour fast is recommended for the Blood Chemistry, Lipid Panel, Women’s Health Panel, Men’s Health Panel, and Glucose testing, to obtain the most accurate results. If you have questions about what fasting involves, call the Laboratory at (701) 444-8610. Diabetics should not fast.

What is the difference between Direct Access Lab Tests and McKenzie Health Laboratory physician ordered screens?

Results of Direct Access Lab Tests will not be stored in your McKenzie Health Medical Record. Physicians do not have computer access to your DALT results, and results will not be stored in your Clinic Record or Hospital Medical Records. Because DALT tests have no physician referral, McKenzie Health cannot include the test results in patients’ medical records. This means that physicians will not be responsible to act upon the results, unless you yourself distribute the DALT results to your physician and he/she agrees to accept and interpret your results. It is important for you to take personal responsibility for your own health needs, obtaining appropriate medical follow-up care and treatment, as needed, if you receive low (L), high (H), low critical (LC) or high critical (HC) results. You should also be aware that results within the normal reference range do not ensure health.

How will I receive my results?

If you participate in DALT, your results will be mailed to you within four days of specimen collection. Any abnormal results will be flagged by: L – for low, H – for high, LC – for low critical, or HC – for high critical. It is recommended that you consult your physician or medical provider to discuss these results. Any medical follow-up appointments needed in response to the DALT results will need to be scheduled by you with your medical provider. If you do not currently have a medical provider, you are welcome to visit www.McKenzie and click on the Health Services menu for a list of local medical providers and their contact phone numbers.

What if testing yields critical results that are potentially dangerous or require immediate attention?

It is mandatory that you provide a contact telephone number when completing your test requisition/order. If a result is obtained by the Laboratory that would require immediate medical attention (a critical result or alert result), you will be called at the telephone number you have provided and asked to immediately contact a physician, such as your personal physician or an emergency room physician. It is your responsibility to follow up accordingly.

What if I become ill or have problems after the lab blood draw, such as experiencing pain, bruising or prolonged bleeding at the venipuncture site?

If you experience any ill effects after the lab blood draw (pain, bruising or prolonged bleeding), you should immediately contact your physician or an emergency room physician.

Can I arrange to have the McKenzie Health Laboratory share my test results with my personal physician?

No. The McKenzie Health Laboratory will not send your Direct Access Laboratory Test results to your physician. It is your responsibility to send or share your test results with your personal physician.

What if I experience ill effects from a treatment I receive from my physician, based on the information provided by this program?

McKenzie Health agents, Laboratory staff/employees, Laboratory directors, and any volunteer personnel involved in this program are not liable for ill effects or poor outcomes of treatment, or lack of treatments, you receive, or don’t receive, from your physician based on the results of this program.

What will be required if I pick up my lab results in person?

McKenzie Health encourages you to receive your results by mail. Results will be mailed to you within four days of collection. Critical results or alert values will be called to you immediately upon result completion. If, for some reason, you must pick up your lab results in person, you will need to go to McKenzie Health Medical Records at 709 4th Ave NE, Watford City, ND.


How can I arrange clinical follow-up with a physician?

If you do not have a personal physician, the McKenzie Health Laboratory can provide you with a list of local physicians/medical providers and their clinic phone numbers, so you can choose a physician/medical provider and make an appointment with him/her to discuss the significance of your test results.

Please call the McKenzie Health Laboratory Manager at (701) 444-8610 for this list.

Can Direct Access Laboratory Testing be used as a substitute for examination by a medical doctor?

No. Laboratory testing should not be used as the only means to diagnose the presence or absence of disease (or any medical condition). You will need to share your test results with your physician, and the test results should be used as part of a complete medical examination.

Can McKenzie Health Laboratory bill insurance for a Direct Access Laboratory Test?

No. McKenzie Health Laboratory will not bill insurance or any third-party payers for DALT tests. McKenzie Health accepts cash, checks and credit cards, up front, at the time of service.


Will my insurance company reimburse me for the cost of tests?

Probably not. Since DALT tests are not ordered by a physician, most insurance companies will not reimburse you for the cost of the test. Please check with your insurance company.

Why don’t insurance companies routinely cover these tests?

Because DALT tests are not ordered by a physician, insurance companies routinely do not cover these tests. Please check with your insurance company.

What can I expect if a McKenzie Health Laboratory employee sustains an unexpected exposure to my blood?

The McKenzie Health Laboratory has a policy of testing patients’ blood for Hepatitis B and HIV (AIDS). If an employee sustains an unexpected exposure to your blood during collection or testing, the results of the above testing will also be provided to you.

Where can I get more information on the Direct Access Laboratory Tests?

If you are interested in more information about the DALT tests, general information is available at the following websites: or

The laboratory results of Direct Access Laboratory Testing (DALT) require additional expert interpretation and do not substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, which should be based on your physician’s professional judgment, including his/her review of your test results, the findings of physical examination, and the review of your personal and family medical history. DAT laboratory results are not sent to your physician. You are responsible for distribution of your reports to your physician and for scheduling a follow-up appointment to discuss your results with your physician.

Urgent/Emergent Results: The client purchasing DALT services understands that DALT services are not appropriate for urgent or emergent needs.